August 14, 2013

IVF treatment allowances in Japan are income based, 29,000 babies born since 2010 using IVF subsidy

"fertility treatments....are not covered by national health insurance......there is no age limit for receiving the subsidy, only an income ceiling (¥7.3 million a year), and a couple can be reimbursed for up to 10 treatments over a period of five years.....The maximum amount of a single payment is ¥150,000, while the cost of IV fertilization is between ¥300,000 and ¥400,000. Since 2010 only 29,000 babies were born as a result of IV procedures covered by the subsidy."

Source:Koda’s baby gaffe may find different reception now
By Philip Brasor
August 10th 2013
Japan Times

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