October 26, 2013

195 Japanese admitted to hospital for heatstroke on June 14th 2013 as high temperatures in West Japan continued for the third day

"195 people were hospitalized for heatstroke on Friday (14th of June 2013) as temperatures rose to the mid-30s in western Japan for the third day in a row.Osaka had the highest number of heatstroke victims at 57.... Aichi had the next highest number with 26...The day’s highest temperature was 36.7 degrees in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture. Takahashi in Okayama Prefecture recorded 36.6, Kyotanabe in Kyoto Prefecture had 36.1 and Fuchu in Hiroshima Prefecture was 35.1 degrees."

Source: 195 hospitalized for heatstroke in western Japan
JUN. 15, 2013
Japan Today

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