November 04, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter November 4th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, November 4th 2013.

#1. Assets Under Management

“Growth in Assets 2012 2011 2011-12
$US trillion $US trillion Growth %
USA 28.3 25.8 10
Japan 4.8 4.5 6 “

Source: Boston Consulting Group

Source: Nations nest egg expanding quickly by Andrew Main, The Australia, Friday July 19th 2013, page 23

#2. Fuel Efficiency

“Honda Motor….the hybrid version of the upcoming redesigned Fit compact was rated at 36.4 kilometers a liter, or about 85.6 miles a gallon, based on testing protocols by Japan’s transport ministry.”

Source: New Honda Hybrid Bests Toyota in Fuel Economy, By Yoshio Takahashi, July 19th 2013, Japan Real Time WSJ

#3 Mail

“Japan has grabbed another ….world record: largest mailbox.The ….mailbox stands in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture…The record is listed by capacity, and this mailbox can hold a whopping 68.484 cubic meters of letters, postcards and idol fan mail. It’s about 12 times the size of a standard Japanese mailbox and stands 7.181 meters tall.”

Source: World's largest mailbox put up in Yamaguchi, By Jessica Kozuka, July 20th 2013, Japan Today

#4. Study Abroad

“Kumamoto Prefecture will open a free cram school Sunday for junior high and high school students who want to enroll in universities overseas….The prefecture has received 96 applications for the prep school, exceeding expectations…The prefecture isn’t charging tuition because it wants to provide an equal opportunity regardless of each student’s financial situation”

Source: Free study abroad prep in Kumamoto, BY MASAAKI KAMEDA, July 19th 2013, Japan Times

#6. Quote

"In Japan, the Ministry..had declared that pools must make sure that swimmers took regular rests. As a result, ten minutes every hour were given over to rest time, which meant it wasn’t possible to swim continuously for more than fifty minutes at a stretch” p38

Hideo Okuda

Source: In the pool

#7. Beauty

Shiseido…is looking to…..ramp up its presence in fast-growing emerging markets by moving into India…..Shiseido’s move comes as India embarks on reforms to ease restrictions on foreign investment …..comes on the heels of its move earlier this year to increase its product lineup in Russia. Over the past five years, the company’s sales in emerging markets have increased 20-fold” 

Source: Shiseido Eyes India for Emerging-Market Push
By Kana Inagaki, July 19th 2013, Japan Real Time WSJ

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