January 16, 2015

Japanese Customer News January 16th 2015

Japanese Customer News January 16th 2015

Japanese Customer News January 16th 2015

1 Foreign Investment

“The more Honda resembles a foreign company - North America now generates more than half its revenues - the fewer incentives it has to invest in Japan and Japanese workers”

Source: Why isn’t Japan Inc. helping Japan? By William Pesek, Wednesday 13th January 2015,

2 Trade

“(JAEPA) (Japanese) Automakers are expected to benefit from the pact, with vehicles accounting for some 45 percent of Japan’s overall exports to Australian on a value basis. Australia will immediately abolish tariffs on Japanese cars with engine displacements of 1,500 cc to 3,000 cc. Tariffs on larger vehicles will be removed within three years.

Source: Japan-Australia EPA takes effect Thursday, JIJI Press, Tuesday January 13th 2015, Japan Times Newspaper, Online

3 Finance

“there is already an appetite for Australian dollar fixed income products (in Japan) but huge untapped potential for selling diversified fund products to consumers.”

Source: FTA to spur new wave of Japanese investment in agriculture by Rick Wallace, The Australian Newspaper Online, Wednesday January 14th, 2015.

“The yield on the five-year (Japanese) government bond hit zero for the first time, while the benchmark 10 year yield fell to a record low 0.255 per cent”
Source: Japanese bond yield falls to zero as investors look for safe haven, By Eleanor Warnock and Kosaku Narioka, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian Newspaper, Thursday January 15th, 2015, page 23.

4. Trade

“While Japan is the third-largest consumer market for many products, Australian firms’ investment there — with a handful of exceptions — has been tiny due to timidity, cultural and language factors and complexity and regulation on the Japanese side.”

Source: FTA to spur new wave of Japanese investment in agriculture The Australian Newspaper, By Rick Wallace, Wednesday January 14th, 2015, Online,

5 Society

“Predictability in social and public life makes Japanese cities the safest on earth” Taggart Murphy

Source: Ours is not to reason why, The Economist, Review of book “Japan and the shackles of the past by Taggart Murphy”, Oxford University Press, The Australian Financial Review Newspaper, Thursday January 15th, 2015, page 35.

6 Mergers and Acquisitions

“Japanese…Recruit Holdings is set to buy (Australian) local listed rival Chandler Macleod, in a deal worth $382 million…Recruit is one of the world’s biggest human resources firms with a market capitalisation of Yen 2.4 trillion (AUS$21.5 billion) also set to buy out Australia’s largest technology firm Peoplebank”

Source: Japanese HR giant to pay $290m for Chandler Macleod, By David Ramli and Jake Mitchell, Australian Financial Review Thursday January 15th, 2015, page 11.

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