April 17, 2015

Picture: Jidai Matsuri Kyoto Palanquin

Jidai Matsuri Kyoto Palanquin Copyright 2007

Picture: Jidai Matsuri Kyoto Palanquin 

The story behind this picture is I wanted to get to the Jidai matsuri in Kyoto early before all the crowds descend on the event. The festival is held in October 22nd each year and has been run for over a thousand years according to legend. The festival route follows many many streets find the route map here.

Having seen the festival in previous years I wanted to photograph the floats and the people who man them before the festival started. So I made my way to the Imperial Palace gardens where the procession begins or as the locals call it Gosho.

Learn more about the history of the event here

The photo shows a palanquin for carrying an important person of high rank.The white banners in the background have the chrysanthemum seal the official mark of the royal family. The palanquin is highly decorated and has a phoenix bird on the roof. This is the bird that is also on the 10,000 yen bank note more here

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When you visit Japan mark October 22nd in your notes and try to get to this great festival. 

Tip: Get to the event very early

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