May 01, 2019

Book Review: The Gun by Fuminori Nakamura

Book Review: The Gun by Fuminori Nakamura

Review by Peter Hanami

Translated from the Japanese by:

Allison Markin Powell

2015, Soho Press. New York, NY, USA.

Pages: 198

ISBN: 978-1616957681

A university student in Tokyo, Japan, finds a dead body by the river one evening and next the body he discovered a a handgun. Instead of reporting it to police, he instead being fascinated by the "gun" picked it up and took it home to his apartment.

Over time he becomes gradually more and more obsessed with the gun which changes his moods, behaviours and actions in his daily life.

As guns are so rare , restricted and banned in Japanese culture this adds to his desire to have and keep such an object. The illegal nature of such an object fills a gap in his psyche.

This special attraction to the weapon leads the student to work through a range of emotions, as its power gets stronger and stronger, gradually taking over his mind, body and life. What will he do? Fire the weapon? Kill someone or just hand it in to police so they can solve a crime?

A wonderfully focused novel that takes the reader on an obsessive journey. If you are new to Nakamura's work try some of his early works as well!.

Review - Copyright. 2018. Peter Hanami. 
All Rights Reserved.

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