June 20, 2020

Japanese Customer: Freeters use of Internet cafes in Japan

Japanese Customers enjoy reading manga(cartoon books) and using internet cafes. If one misses the last train it is easy and convenient to visit a 24 hour internet cafe, and read manga, drink coffee, take a nap, a shower and catch the first train home in the morning. They have become so convenient and useful for a wide range of customers. A recent trend has seen "freeters" people who work part-time jobs and are often paid low hourly wages, for example, 800 yen per hour, who often cannot afford a regular apartment due to the high set up costs (one month's rent, key money, and security deposit, moving costs, etc). Freeters are seen to be high-end users of these 24-hour cafes and do so by living out of a bag. Using the facilities after work and then returning to work the next day. With limited income these cafes have become a much sought after commodity to help stretch their limited income. It is a creative but necessary way to make ends meet.

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