🌸Japanese Customer : Have you tried 🌸 Japanese nama chocolate yet?


April 20, 2022

Have you tried 🌸 Japanese nama chocolate yet?

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If you like Chocolate, you are going to love Nama Chocolate, the Japanese version.

It is soft, kept in the fridge, must be eaten quickly, and has its own process for eating which is very different from regular block chocolate.

1. It has a short shelf life because it is handmade and contains fresh ingredients

2. As it is kept in the fridge, you must remove it from the fridge prior to serving so that it gets to room temperature for maximum taste pleasure.

3. It is recommended that you eat it slowly, one piece at a time, and savor its smell, texture, and taste which is like pure velvet in your mouth.

For example:

I recently had some Matcha Nama chocolate and the sensation was multi-layered. First impressions are the smell, texture, and taste then the chocolate melts, and a new taste appears, and then there is the aftertaste. Nothing new here but it is a special part of this product's features. To eat slowly and savor the taste journey.

" In 1988, the owner and chef Masakazu Kobayashi at the sweet shop Sils Maria created a new type of chocolate, and he named this chocolate Nama Chocolate and Nama Choco (生チョコ) for short.''

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