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Welcome to JapaneseCustomer.com

JapaneseCustomer.com was created in 2005, as a way to educate Western companies about the importance and characteristics of Japanese customers. In essence, how to attract, manage and retain Japanese Customers.

Japan is the most developed Asian country and is a major influence on other Asian countries. Consumer behaviour in Japan provides very important insights into other Asian cultures. 

Japan is a trend setter in Asia. 

Through undertaking market research in a number of sectors we have developed expertise in understanding what Japanese customers: expect, like and want.

Western companies have had little exposure, knowledge and training in Japan or Japanese consumer behaviour. We seek to change that!

In the Asian Century, Japanese consumers are setting trends in a number of industry sectors including mobile technology, apps, food, travel and leisure. Just to name a few.

Japanese customers are highly sophisticated, demand high quality, expect perfection and world class customer service on every transaction.

Japanese companies now dominate many industries and as Western business people, we need to keep up to date and further develop our knowledge, skills and insights into this important Asian consumer market.

At Japanese Customer.com we keep you up to date with the customer.

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