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June 20, 2020

Why you need Japanese students

25 reasons why your institution could benefit from Japanese students

1. Japanese students represent a large student market for international education. This includes high school, technical colleges, private colleges, University and English language courses.
2. Education ethic - have a strong desire to learn and improve themselves
3. Need for English - Japanese would like to communicate with more people
4. GDP per head - Japan has a high GDP per person
5. High savings rate - Japanese have a tendency to save their income
6. Pay their fees upfront - Japanese students tend to pay their tuition fee in advance
7. Visa - Japanese students can gain a secure visa
8. Japanese are relative low risk students - visa conditions, etc
9. Japanese innovation, lifestyle and business success is the envy of other Asian countries.
10. Japan has good trade ties with the world
11. Japanese see travel abroad as part of their life education
12. Japanese people see education as a long term investment in their future career.
13. Japanese people are a large market for tourism. That is they visit and then return as students in the future.
14. Japanese high school students have a high preference for overseas school trips.
15. Japanese can now undertake a wider range of Working Holiday programs.
16. Japanese students rely a lot on word of mouth. If an institution meets their needs well the
good news spreads and builds trust.
17. Japanese have a good support network once in country, for example: education agents, newspapers, media, restaurants, supermarkets which gives them confidence to travel, study and live.
18. Japanese students often work part time. This allows them to support themselves
and get valuable work experience increasing their independence, confidence and
long term success.
19. Japanese on the average have good attendance records
20. Japanese get on well with other Asian cultures.
21. Japanese students provide good feedback, honest and direct, know what they want and what they don’t want
22. Japanese are motivated, patient and determined to succeed.
23. Japanese aim for high quality, therefore perform well academically
24. Japanese are loyal and therefore good ambassadors for your school
25. Japanese like long term relationships and make valuable partners for alumni marketing.

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